The One Hundred

The official Pilates Warm-Up.

A breathing exercise to stimulate the lungs and heart and get your blood circulating from head to toe.

To find the balance between the head and the legs in the center of the body. Where you keep both ends lifted comfortably while executing the movement and deeply engaging the breath.

How to:
Start from a lying position where the arms are stretched out against the torso.
1) Bring the knees in toward your chest.
2) Lift your head up and look at your navel.
3) Draw the weight of your head toward the center of your body by dropping your chin slightly toward your chest.
4) Lift the arms slightly above the hips and keep them straight reaching forward through the finger tips.
5) Pump the arms up and down in a small range and with quick action, pumping only from the shoulders.
6) Slowly breath in for a five count and out for a five count through the nose as you pump with vigorous arms.
7) Now extend the legs first to 90 degrees, gradually drop the angle to 45 as you become stronger.

Doing 20 movements at first is a good beginning. The goal is 100 movements HENCE THE NAME.

Keep the waist planted firmly on the mat or floor. Keep the bottom tips of the shoulder blades planted firmly on the mat or floor as well. Gently squeeze the buttock and keep the stomach pulled in at all times.

At the first sign of neck tension put the head down but continue with the exercise while lengthening through the back of the neck.

Consult your doctor if you suffer from any heath problems or special conditions or if you have any doubt of the suitability of any exercise.
Consider consulting with a certified Pilates instructor before beginning a comprehensive home exercise program.